Ziziphus mauritiana

The Process of Tidings in dreams is continued in my family members My wife has seen a sacred dream where she saw Ziziphus Mauritiana Tree Laden fully with ripped fruits on it in Yard ..

It’s materialisation is we will be blessed with a baby that will be rich in generation Good omen or destiny and luck

Earlier my marriage commanded to my that Geoffrey younger brother and his doctor wife in their dreams respectively..

This Geoffrey younger brother is same Geoffrey that started off with his first shot to my brain with wooden Stick when I was excitedly collecting Mauritania fruits for him when he misjudged I am stealing his share persuaded by Dad and he intolerently satisfied this injustice teaching me this lesson and cutting my leaf.

For Second time While playing in yard when he can’t get me out he started throwing shoes out of the house and I started blocking it with a single Stick teaching him value of loss he is up to..

When I got preoccupied He gave me another shot on head this time impairing many brain functions such as mental math measurement of distance between two objects straight line balancing and short term memory impairment resulting in struggling comprehension and identifying people place names and objects.

A holy spirit appeared before my mother held her hand and said you are going to be mistaken.

Time proved they all got mistaken misjudge me as Yazeed

Most importantly third time I defended myself when I was driving his shooters to just defend his deliveries and he furiously pounched on me for rain of slaps on his elder brother and in my defence I slapped him back and forth

This was that time when I had jumping heart movement underneath my ribs and momentarily darkness prevailed and I gained my senses before falling down

Hence my younger sister exactly born after these days and moon reflection incidence claim gets its roots to those days..

In Last Decade Spirit of my maternal Granny appeared in spiritual condition before my mother held her hand taking oath from her will you take care of my Son and shook her hand firmly repeating again and again.

Later on She faced brain accidents her brain was operated but her heart refused to stop

Her kidneys failed but her heart refused to stop

She got cancerous but she had survived

Until she returned and with her brother assistance finally got me married

Until now Moses my son is tided with this dream.

This Geoffrey brother was meant to be protected physically mentally and sexually to lead overtake and reproduce and he is successfully aheading towards his marks after so much removal of obstacles whose record every wrongdoings malicious criminal will be played as recorded

It is not only my younger brother undertook me my elder brother was born earlier he started of earlier he was dark in complexion and I was not only fair uncontrollably and irresistibly handsome and cute that soft gender can’t help to fell

My elder brother in jealousy used to persecute me and one such incident took place that changed my sexual anatomy He used to like neighbours sister that was elder among two that as all fallen for me that’s why he used to persuade me for some other girl I had liking for her younger sister knowing feeling of elder brother but misjudging my sincerity while one day playing He was holding one end of Sofa threatening me should I push you back I was unaware boiling milk was on my back

In fear I lost hold of sofa tumbled so far I remember even I tried to change falling direction but I only remember falling right in middle of boiling milk utensil my granny rushed and took me out removed laggy garment Genitals were saved from losing manhood and erectibility damage But it changed anatomical sexual functionality than normal men…

It is same granny that in spirit form experienced to mom.

Today I disclose why I left that high valued banking opportunity The reason is I was sexually assaulted with cigarette on penis when I was unconscious with Epilepsy drugs I got phobic from this action these were not Epilepsy attacks return these panic attacks from phobia.

As I had acted enough to slow poison my self so that I get salvation from this persecution

Today I am married but I married for this tiding Moses These drugs has done enough damage so far as I am mentally enough handicapped I can’t live my life independently. And neither this system has accepted neither my peers nor this nation nor politicians nor the world has accepted me Time has come after moses birth I surrender my life to Allah for greater powerful spirit like my granny…

I have only acceptance in Almighty God’s heart and no body is higher than him if someone’s believes it is also form of partnership sharing disbelief..

I they have left me to live my life independently why God had conveyed his commands from my granny to Mom directly and her entire family indirectly to take care of me rest of life if I am an actor ponder

This state has proven Kofa for me as facts I have disclosed.

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