Your somewhat friendly curmudgeon wants to know…are people trying to kill us


Ok, I am going to let my inner curmudgeon just flow here. I have a question for the general public. When, just when did we decide that even though there is a pandemic in full array, it is alright now to ignore all health precautions?

When did we decide that, as long as we THINK we are safe, it is ok to endanger other people with a virus that often is spread by people that don’t know they ever have it? This is especially true during a period when the cases are very noticeably going up rather than down.

Today, I had to mail something, which required that I get out of the house and go to the post office. Now, I didn’t have to go in. I simply put on my mask in order to get to the car and not expose any of my neighbors in case I have Covid-19. I then drove to the post office and dropped the item in the pickup slot out front. Nobody was exposed because of me and I was not exposed to any careless people’s lack of concern.

However, I like chips and cheese from the Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood. I decided that I would run in (since they don’t have a drive-through), grab some chips and cheese, wearing the mask of course, and be safe. The staff is REQUIRED to wear masks, thank goodness.

However, although our Parish (county) is strict about that sort of thing, unfortunately apparently we have been infiltrated by either out of staters, people from a neighboring Parish or just people that don’t give a fig. In any case, I am not a happy camper.

Here I am, feeling safe, wearing my mask, staying at least 6 feet from any staff member, even the one waiting on me. There aren’t any tables near me so safety reigns. Nice to know, I think, that it is safe to get take-out from my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Except, is it really? Suddenly a group of about six or eight men enters. I could tell they were just full of the element of invincibility or so they thought. Fine, they are at the door entering, I am at the bar so everything should be safe.

But what do they do?? They come to the take out bar area and stand right beside me. Did I mention that they were NOT wearing masks? One of them asked me how I am was doing and it was all I could do to keep from saying “I was fine till you jammed up against me with your no-mask wearing arrogance and put me in possible danger”.

I didn’t say that, however. I was polite, polite than I wanted to be, murmured “fine” and move to the other end of the bar. When I was leaving, in the parking, I looked and sure enough, there were several cars with out of state license tags.

Oh heavens, why can’t we close the country down to traffic across state lines so that these careless, no precautions taking “republican states” don’t infect us that did take precautions and managed to make things better again?

Kind of makes sense what the EU is now considering, doesn’t it? It seems they are considering banning travelers from the United States from entering the European Union. Since I would like to ban travelers from some of our surrounding states for the same reason, I would totally understand.

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  1. Because people are deliberately denying facts and reality purely out of spite.Trump supporters really are as comatose as they seem. One love or not, these people are STOOPID. I talkedvtobw woman on Facebook Sunday who swore to me she watched a live stream feed of a fully crowded Trump rally in Tulsa on Saturday. I don’t know, but I watched live streaMing feed of a rally two-thirds empty. And his supporters really do write to him on his Facebook and Twitter as if he really is God.

    1. Yeah, these are the same people that deny that he made fun of a handicapped reporter, even though the recording of it is right there for anybody and everybody to see. The same with any number of other “stories” he has told….often contradicting himself within a 24 hour period.

  2. They should ban us from traveling over there. I really can not believe how so many of us Americans are lacking the brain cells to simply KNOW BETTER.

    My sister went to the Middle East in February for a Contract job. She flew into Kuwait and as soon as she got to the airport EVERYONE had on a mask and gloves. ALL over the city …every citizen was wearing a mask and gloves. And the country was trying to get all foreigners out of their country by offering free flights OUT. And they especially didn’t want Americans there because they believe we are bringing the pandemic there. Normally contractors live off base ….but they were moving contractors on base.
    And here we are….in June and Florida just now mandated mask?
    So 5 months ago other countries were on it….and here we are dealing with people who THINK their rights are being taken away?
    I don’t mean to mock the seriousness of this Pandemic….but how we handled it is sort of comical.

    1. What is also happening is that some places did mandate masks, with some refusing but what ya gonna do, some will, but now they are having to go backward and mandate them again. North Carolina, to my understanding had least, is one such state.

      Meanwhile Texas, Georgia and Florida couldn’t wait to stop using them…and opened up totally or close to as soon as they could do so. The result is that the cases are increasing again, although right now the deaths are not, but that could be just a delay and we have that to deal with a few weeks down the road.

      Meanwhile, I just read that in Texas some hospitals are filling up again with Covid-19 sufferers.

      No, I agree, Europe needs to ban travelers from the United States.

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