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Your New Love

You met her and fell in love with her instantly,

She whispered in your ear, Come with me!

You chased her, you spent all your time with her.

She was in your dreams, she was in your heart.

You loved her as no other.

Problem was, she was a killer.

A murderer of dreams, a shadow of evil.

She was the devil herself.

The end came as soon as you tasted her.

Our foundation was ripped apart.

Our future was fatally lost.

She was a liar, a devil in our midst.

She claimed your soul.

The hallucinations were lies.

Yet you loved her as no other.

Only thing is, she was your drug of choice.

She broke into our home and destroyed it…she is METH.

5 thoughts on “Your New Love”

  1. Drugs relieve the pain that someone is feeling …. so I wonder if it is the drugs or the pain that one feels that drives them to the drug that we should be concerned with?

    1. It might be the pain, but I’m writing about the other side, we’ve all been through our own destruction,but at the end of the day, it’s our strength that picks some of us up. Others just get lost in the drug. It’s whats more important in your life.

  2. I’ve abused alcohol in my youth, but I was never lost; so, I may not be able to completely understand. But, my daughter has been there and in some ways it would have been easier if I had the problem, maybe. Who knows. Good luck on your journey. Do you have a passion in your life?

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