Your Move

Landscape Chess.

Creation date: 2019.

6 thoughts on “Your Move”

  1. Nice work Jules.

    If I am remembering his work correctly….you and Badlydrawnstickman have a similar style? Though he did draw and paint…..the work I mostly saw was electronic. Our styles were very opposite.

    1. I think badlydrawnstickman (R.I.P) did graphic design or something similar to that. The stuff I do is essentially digital with digital painting included. Sometimes I work from a blank canvas, and other times my starting point is a photograph. I actually draw too, with pencil. I have never painted with paints simply because I’m no good at it.

    1. Yes I do. I learned how to play as a child and have always had a set on standby. These days there is a lack of opponents. But I’m always open for a game.

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