Your backyard is a postcard

I saw that post on FB this morning. With, of course, a stunning picture of our gorgeous desert; however I about choked on my coffee with the thought.

My backyard is a tumble of nature’s weeds. Big, huge, wanna be trees, but are really bushes…lol and dirt. Yep that’s my yard. But, as I sit facing the north, enjoying my morning coffee I spy through my kitchen bay windows…families.

Bunnys, Jack rabbits, & quail run a muck. They go traipsing through that under brush, and sometimes stop. Just for a moment to say hi.

And in my first winter here, I prayed for snow, and snow it did. Covering the dirt, and making it so white, & pristine. Clean and new. A gentle quiet, in my already sometimes too quiet world. And, oh you bet..I put on boots and ran outside, so excited, like a little girl and posted all my photos…texting everyone I knew.

And, come spring, the yard was green…which obviously didn’t last…but, boy it sure was gorgeous, and very easy on the eyes.

I like fall the best. I love the early mornings. Just my coffee, book & me.

Campfires, sweaters, hoodies & boots. Crunchy leaves, sunrises & sunsets in vibrant shades of pink. The crispness of the air.

My daughter thinks I’m crazy, but my body tells me when the change of season hits. I can feel the earth shift, & my sinuses go crazy. It’s not so metaphysical, as it is awareness. Gee, I just gave away my mystical secret…lol. Ok…if you are really into sunrises, & sunsets…you can literally see from a permanent point when it shifts…change of season.

Ok…so where was I going with this post…lol

Yep…ok, my backyard IS a postcard 🙂

Still..would like a cooler climate…I’m too old for this heat. Spend most of summer in my A/C 🙂

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