Xylan’s Revenge

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For Xylan the time for fear and cowering were over. She couldn’t in all good consciousness allow the terrible situation to continue as it was. Hellion castle not only looked down upon the village where she lived, but its occupant also looked down upon the inhabitants with scornful eyes making life a veritable living hell. Years and years of drudgery fuelled by slavery had literally driven out any form of resistance, and whenever someone had the audacity to show the slightest sign of dissent they were brutalised beyond belief.

Such was the rule of Garoch; a cruel man with an insatiable appetite for wealth and riches in general. He kept the village subservient by oppression and threats which were not idly given – he meant every word of them.

Xylan had offered resistance before but for all her gallant efforts Garoch had her killed – at least he thought he did, but she was taken in secret to a healer who slowly nursed her back to health until she was strong enough to stand on her own two feet again. The months passed by, and although very old, Xylan felt sure that she had one more fight left in her, one last attempt to rid the land of Garoch for good. She began studying the ancient books of lore to refresh her knowledge and memory of the mystic arts, and when she was sure of her readiness and strength, the healer gave her the Green Orb of Cresper with the hope that its power would provide a critical edge for Xylan and tip the balance in her favour.

Xylan slowly hobbled toward the castle; she came to the two gnarly trees situated just before the main entrance, paused for a moment, and then uttered an incantation under her breath. The Orb came to life and began to faintly glow. Her life’s biggest battle was about to begin.

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