Ten interesting things about me – this could be tough!

  1. I’m a closet hippie. Interpret that however you like.
  2. I believe in God and reincarnation. I’ve had folks tell me I can’t believe in both, but I counter with, “I can believe anything I want.  This is America.”
  3. I’m a chronic enabler, still working on breaking the habit at 68.
  4. I got my LPN license just shy of birthday #47.
  5. I’ve been married and divorced twice, and engaged but never married to another significant other.
  6. I have two grown sons, one with four daughters and one son, and the other with one daughter.
  7. I have two 80+-year-old brothers, both in remission from prostate cancer, who get around better than I do.
  8. I’ve moved around a bit, having lived in Ohio, Indiana, California, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and western New York.
  9. I’m having trouble here. What else?  Oh, yeah, I once worked as a secretary on a psychiatric unit.  That was rather an adventure.
  10. And finally, one of my guilty pleasures (aside from massive amounts of ice cream) is watching crime shows like Dateline and 48 Hours. I am fascinated and disgusted by the evil things that people do to other people.

Wow, that was hard!  I guess I’m not as interesting as I thought.  Let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we?


  1. I don’t think I could get beyond 3 things of interest about myself to the point of putting everyone asleep from reading pure boredom! O.o
    Great list here though. I have always thought you an amazing and terrific gal, so yeah. 😀

  2. hmmmm i think i’m a closet hippy too 🙂 i actually have a love/hate relationship with shoes. i’d rather be barefoot, with flowers in my hair 🙂
    Awesome list L♥

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