Wow… this looks different!

Though being a part of the original, super old version of Thoughts and actually going through all of the changes & chaos with this site through the years, I dropped off a couple of years ago b/c of all of the spammers & issues. So, I was updating my “passwords book” yesterday and there it was, “”, and I thought, “I wonder what became of that place?” So today I decided to check it out. It has really changed and from what I can tell so far is… in some kind of new transition? Any of my old friends still posting here? I seem to see a few familiar names. Anyone have info re: what’s going on here now?

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  1. Hello ChristiChristi, and welcome back to Thoughts. I don’t know if you remember or know, but Thoughts closed and went off-line a few years back but was replaced with a site called Thinkr. It was still Ben’s site but this time was hosted by WordPress and had fewer operational problems because of it.

    To my, and all our surprise, a couple of months back Thinkr went off-line for a day only to be replaced with an all shiny new version of The new site went through a few changes, visually speaking, and settled into the format we now have. The end-user issues experienced on the old Thoughts site are virtually non-existent because of the hosting service, so we all enjoy issue free blogging, and once you get accustomed to the interface and software it all becomes a breeze.

  2. Welcome Back ChristChristi,

    We still get spam here but our crew does a pretty good job of zapping it quickly. But we also get busy offline so it may sit there a few hours before it disappears so please do not be deterred by it.
    You may have to dig a little…but I am sure you will see glimmers of old Thoughts here
    Make sure you read Bens “One Love Philosophy” Page…for some reason it seems even more beautiful this time around.

    Happy your “passwords book” brought you back.

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