Worn Out

Cant stop these racing thoughts

They are crashing through my mind

I think Im here, by then Im over there

And the gnawing pain just chews away

And I know itll be ok

And I know itll be ok

And I know Ill be ok

But your just standing there

And Im not ok

The burning moves up from my feet

And into my stomach

And I feel my neck coughing up those coals

And my head starts swimming

And boiling

And Im dancing and running and ruined

And I wish I could be alive

Im here entombed in this pain

Its embraced me

And I cannot escape

Theres a rubber mallet across the way

and I think to myself

How easy it would be to detach

Grab the mallet

Smash my toe and be over it

But they cant tell me its that easy

So the long and slow are the way to survive

Let time heal these wounds

while I bleed out

5 thoughts on “Worn Out”

  1. I will say…I don’t comment on the post I read from you because I feel so heavy hearted and as if my limbs feel like bricks after I do. But I realized….. that is your ability to bring the reader to this place. Which is actually a talent/gift not many have. So I ask myself….do I comment on the gifted writer….or do I comment on the pain?

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