With you,

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With you, under the sun

I’d put your hand up to my face

And let you feel the way my cheeks heat up just like the burning sun

When you put your strong arms on my back

And embrace me so tightly I begin to imagine.

With you, under the night sky

I’d count all the shining stars I see

And tell you that you shine so bright

Even brighter than all the stars combined

Light years and light years away.

With you, under the sea

I’d build a fortress just like the one in Ariel

Defend it as if our lives depend upon it

Hand in hand with our fellow merfolk at our feet

You’ll be my King and I your Queen.

With you, no matter where

I’d shoot down the nine suns,

Fly to the moon

And sail the seven seas.

With you there is no place I’d rather be.

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