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with or without

without him I thrived, with him I was happy,

without him I pretented to be someone I was not, with him I was my self,

without him I was forcing a smile that didn’t , with him I tried to hide a smile that was trying to break out

the question was am I better with or without him and I knew that and he knew that it was with but my friends thought with out.

1 thought on “with or without”

  1. Do your life belong to you or your friends, if that’s what you call them. If being with him makes you happy and allows you to be yourself what does it matter what your “friends” think is best for YOU!!!! You need to understand what a “friend” is, because those that you consider “friend”, are really not if they see being with him makes you smile, be yourself, and happy and still say be without him. It’s always good to have someone in our life that can make us feel ourselves. Always remember, “Misery loves company”. You also need to re-evaluate your “friends”!!!! on some real life s!@#!!!!

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