With endless love


I miss you. A lot. As I think of you the tears arise. I sit here rmembering the past and my heart breaks anew.

I know I have been so weak lately. I have needed you so bad. I am sorry for that. I never want to be weak in front of you. I know that as long as I am there is no hope of us ever getting back together again. In actual fact I doubt there would be any hope even if I was strong.

That hope is all that keeps me going.

I hurt Allie. So bad. Even after a year I can barely survive it. The pain is so intense.

I promise to try to be stronger, if my promises are worth anything to you now.

I sob every time I think of you in his arms. In his bed.

I am sorry Allie. Know that I will always love you. You were my first and only true love. You always will be. Always and forever.

With endless love,

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