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Winter Solstice 🎄Cruise Ships 🚢 Saturn&Jupiter ✨

I can’t at the moment TYPE under each photo so I am going to throw it all down here. Alright…so…picture #1. Winter Solstice was a typical San Diego Summer Day 🤣 80 degrees and I went to the beach to make an offering in the ocean. As usual….there was a cruise ship floating out there because of Covid they are just hanging out on our shoreline. Picture #2 Ocean from my balcony at Sunset and that darn cruise ship still ruining my pictures 😉 We had a fantastic Solstice Dinner by the way. Picture #3 On the same day I attempted to use my phone camera to catch Saturn and Jupiter aligning but my phone kept catching the reflection of tree lights. But I still loved the picture so decided to share it. You can still see the two planets. Picture #4 I grabbed my fancy camera and tried to catch the planets free hand……I actually took around 10 photos before giving up. Every photo had trails…..I couldn’t get a still picture to save my life. Picture #5….. Picture of the planet alignment from a tripod.

So NOW I can type under the picture…..but I am too tired to go back and adjust above. Anyhow…..I know…I know…Monica and her California sunsets. This was a few days ago and it was peaceful watching Wi (Sun)set for the day. No matter what us humans are going through…..nature can calm us and make us forget just for the moment all about Covid.

Alright Folks…..I will stop boring you with my random photos and just wish you all a peaceful wonderful Christmas Eve and Day. ❅❆💜❆❅

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