Will There Be An End To This Fuckery Soon?

As the world slowly turns into a big pile of shit, I have to wonder if there is any way we can possibly unfuck this fuckery going on around us. If the language offends you, stop reading, because at this moment in time I have only one thing I am concerned about, and that is the survival and health of my wife, my family, and even myself.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn”t so much conflicting advice, and that the advice is coming from all sides of the aisle. Just today, Trump once again was promoting a drug that he has been told will not cure Covid-19. It can, however, cause hallucinations and heart failure. The drug is actually used for the treatment of Lupis.

Since he has a warehouse filled with it, he’s using this opportunity to try and hawk it and make back some money. meanwhile he hired the wannabee Barbie, Kayleigh McEnany as press secretary, but I actually think he hired her to snort crushed adderol off her ass, because he got tired of KellyAnne Conways ass.

Look at this bitch, don’t she look like a cheap blow up doll? I have to admit, she has the right qualifications for the Trump administration. Those qualifications are she can lie and actually keep a straight face and believe it herself.

For the past two weeks I have done NOTHING! Well, I have gained weight, I noticed when I went to tie my shoes, it’s either I gained weight, or my arms have grown shorter, and I’m pretty sure my arms are actually the same length today as they were two weeks ago. Even my wife said shes gained a pound or two, I didn’t tell her it was probably closer to 5 or 20, but then happy wife happy life, so I didn’t correct her. Besides, the last place I want to go to at the moment is the hospital, especially intensive care. I hear there are a lot of very sick people there at the moment.

I have ventured out a couple of times, I had to go get groceries, and tomorrow I have to venture out again. I hate having to go out, but there are essentials we need, so go out I must. I don’t have my own vehicle anymore, so I rely on public transportation, and the buses are dirty at the best of times, and I don’t care what anybody says, you can’t really social distance in a damn bus, even if they are limiting the amount of passengers.

Anyway, I really have to mention this because it has been driving me crazy for about the last year. I’ve worked with a guy, I like him, but he has some strange ideas. He’s part of a movement of quacks that believe Trump is going to save the world. He was supposedly groomed for the presidency to defeat the NWO, (New World Order) get rid of the present banking system, and hoard and execute a large world wide pedophile ring, made up of the Royals, high profiled Hollywood actors and actresses, and many more, including the Clintons.

YouTube is filled with this propaganda, although he has told me many of the videos exposing this wickedness have been taken down. Actually if they have been taken down it’s because even YouTube must have some standards of decency and common sense.

They will be arrested and jailed, no trials, they will then be taken out and beheaded via a guillotine, the blades have been ordered especially for this purpose, from Mexico. It seems that these high powered individuals frighten these children to create an adrenaline rush, and they drain this fluid and drink it to give them longer life. I really wish I was making this up, I’m not. There are actual people, who I once thought were intelligent and SANE who believe this.

Just this afternoon I was reading an article about a person believed to be a pedophile, and child trafficking, his name is Donald Trump. I won’t go into any details, click the link if your so inclined. The reason I mention this is putting him in charge of this is like hiring the fox to guard the hen-house.

These same people believe bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are in cahoots and want to vaccinate people and with that vaccination will be a mini microchip that I’m not sure what they think it is for, I just know if they come out with a reliable vaccine for this virus and I can get it, I will. They can brand my ass if they want, as long as the vaccine will keep me safe from the virus and others around me safe from the spread.

I swear there are days I have woken up in the fucking twilight zone. People getting sick from a virus that even if you survive, leaves after effects for the rest of your life. People complaining because they are asked to wear a mask while shopping because it apparently infringes on their rights, well I have some news for them, DEAD PEOPLE DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT RIGHTS!

The economy has turned to shit, and some places are in an awful hurry to get everybody out and about and mingling. The numbers of positive tests increased dramatically already where some eased restrictions, which I feel has been too soon. While this is going on, there are idiots calling the press fake news and the enemy of the people, while carrying nazi flags, confederate flags, nooses, guns, and placards saying hang Fauci!

People have gone bat shit crazy, and for now, my wife and I will hibernate, I will do the running around when necessary, I’ll talk to my children and grandchildren over the phone and internet, and hope they stay safe. As is my hope for everyone, but dayum, some people really like to stir the pot.

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