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do you know why im here?

cause i dont

maybe its to do something really great

maybe someday itll all hit

and that purpose will reveal itself

and Ill fulfill that wonderful purpose

maybe its none of that

maybe its all just to be here

to wake cold outside

to smell the frosty dew

to build a fire

to warm your hands

to stare long at the sky

watch the weather as it passes

maybe its nothing

2 thoughts on “whys”

  1. After so many years asking myself that same question, “Why am I here?”, I have come to the conclusion that I am only here to observe, to learn and to use that learning to help me move on further, progress more, spiritually, for the next time. Other times, I just feel that I’m here because someone ‘upstairs’ hold s a grudge… who knows for sure?

  2. For me, I still haven’t found my true purpose yet. Right now, I just keep going even though I feel like I can’t because I still want to see what’s next.

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