Why not….its the 4th

5 thoughts on “Why not….its the 4th”

  1. I love fireworks…the bright lights especially. The problem I have with seeing them in person is that I like to take pictures, and the pictures never turn out right. I remember more than once taking a picture of a display that was beautiful, the image very clear etc, but the picture I took barely showed any light at all.

    Very frustrating. LOL

    1. YES…you can never get a perfect picture of them. But my son has fancy camera equipment and gets some good video and pictures. I tried last night to get some pictures but of course my timing is always off. I would catch them going up or after they exploded and just fragments left in the air. So I eventually just stopped and watched.

      1. One year, I took some and then layered them so that each flick of light was repeated several times. Otherwise there wasn’t enough color to even look like anything. I have had digital cameras for a long time, but not the top grade ones that are needed for fireworks, I guess.

        1. Layered them? Ok….thats fancy work I don’t know about but I bet they look good. I don’t know if you need a fancy camera to get great shots…I just know I have always had issues taking them. I find my Iphone11 does take wonderful pictures……and I think it takes better pictures then my camera. I don’t have a real fancy camera…..its a Nikon Coolpix. I use to have a fancy one years ago but with 3 sons playing with it …, I don’t know what came of it. Now that my sons are grown …they bought me this camera and said if I decide I want to get more into photography they would buy me a bigger and better camera. My oldest son has multiple lenses and tripods…..he loves photography.

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