Why not being ip’s and emails visible? Do you have something to hide???

“If you don’t have anything to hide, you won’t need privacy” is one of those arguments that is used to simultaneously make the argument and suggest anyone who disagrees with it is guilty of something. It’s an evil way of making an argument.

We look at privacy as protection not deception. Just because a piece of information may not seem sensitive or “private” to one person it could be very valuable and potentially exploited by others.

For some strange reason people translate “I need privacy” into “I am a pervert or a serial killer”

Relationships are built on trust, but what people do with information about you will depend on how much you trust them. Until you can see how trustworthy a person in, why would you let them know every single detail of your life?And that’s what is being done here, we all registered and trusted under force, completely everyone else that has registered. Doesn’t make sense.

Whether I do or do have something to hide is none of anyone’s business other than mine and those I choose to tell. That’s privacy. And I personally haven’t chosen to give my email and Ip to everyone that I respond here.

Good, now that we clarified this, the next step is simple actually, whoever doesn’t like it, can delete his account and find another place to blog and share his thoughts.

That’s all folks.




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