Why my cat rubs me?

Have you ever noticed that a cat rubs his body against your calf? At this time, you might wonder what this behavior mean? Is he asking me for something? Though Understanding the meaning behind the behavior of cats is very complicated, it is certain that a cat rubs his body against your calf or holds your head against you, which is a positive sign. The following article will introduce you several common reasons.

1. Find information

When the cat rubs your calf with his body, it marks you with the smell of his body. As you become more and more intimate with the cat, the smell information he has on you will also increase, and it can also show that you are safe and reliable in the eyes of the cat.

2. Greetings

The cat keeps rubbing against your legs, which also means a greeting. When you go home, the cat will often come to your feet and rub you constantly. It’s as if he is saying to you welcome home.

3. He like it

If you find that your cat not only rubs your legs with his body, but also entangles your legs with his tail, this is a characteristic that cats like you and also shows the deep friendship between you.

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