Why my cat keeps lying on my chest

Have you ever noticed that your cat often lies on your body, including on your thighs, stomach, and chest? We cannot directly communicate with them and ask them what they really think, so we can only learn more about them through the meaning of their behavior. This article will tell you several reasons why cats are lying on your chest.

1. The cat wants warmth

As cats like to bask in the sun on the balcony, cats like to stay on your chest for warmth. Warmth will make them curl up and doze unconsciously.

2. The cat likes you

Cats want to express their likes through various behaviors, including licking your hands, rubbing your feet, rubbing your legs, and lying on your chest, because the cat will strengthen a bond between the two of you by touching your body parts.

3. Feel safe

The cat will lie on your chest in order to let the smell mark your body. The familiar smell will make the cat feel very comfortable and safe.

If you don’t like the cat lying on your chest or body, then you can prepare a warm cat nest for your cat. The hot bed will make the cat feel very comfortable and warm. Most cats like the feeling of being roasted.

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