Why is my cat so clingy

The cat is a very independent animal. Except you need to feed him on time, you don’t need to do other things for him, including bathing and going to the toilet. But when you find that a cat suddenly becomes very clingy, you can’t help wondering what the reason is or what kind of signal the cat is sending to us? This article will introduce you to several common reasons why cats cling to people.

1. Anxiety and Stress

When your cat is scared or upset, it will run into your arms and become very clingy. Especially when there is a thundering weather or when there are people or animals he is not familiar with in the surrounding environment.

2. Health issues

When cats have health problems, they become very clingy because they want to ask you for help and comfort. Older cats are also very clingy, because they will have many health problems, and their eyesight and hearing are not as good as before, so they will rely on you very much.

3. Boring

When you don’t prepare toys for your cat and you don’t have time to accompany them, they will feel so bored that they will approach you as soon as you get home and become very clingy.

4. Pregnancy

Cats sometimes become very clingy, which is also related to hormones in the body. When cats are pregnant, their hormones will rise, and they will also become very clingy.

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