Why I won’t be taking Hydroxychloroquine nor guzzling clorox anytime soon

Trump is trying to lead us down the same long dark highway that he tried several times before, and people in some places seem to be falling for it. To the question “what have you got to lose?”, my answer has been and continues to be my life, my life!!! Not discouraged by evidence or warnings from the medical community, trump is once more heralding hydroxychloroquine as a potential preventive/cure for Covid-19.

Dr. Bright is on record as saying that the stuff just might kill you. In addition to which, it is meant for malaria and a few other ailments and now we have the people who needed it for established proper use having to scramble for it because Trump is using it for his personal stockpile, as are others who have managed to get their hands on it. Personally, I am finding myself wondering if he has a financial investment in this stuff. As long as the CDC continues not to encourage its use, I will not be taking it. Not unless my doctor prescribed it and there is a lot more evidence that it does, in fact, cure the ailment. But then, I believe in science, not in whimsical thought processes by someone with no training in the area who is known for spewing out nonsense on a daily basis.

Once before, he actually suggested that “introducing extreme heat and/or cleaning products like Clorox into the body” might be a real answer to the issue of Covid-19. To have said that in a private meeting with his experts assembled to deal with the pandemic would perhaps have shown his genuine and reasonable ignorance on the subject and willingness to explore all options. To do it in front of a television camera was to present to the general public a dangerous idea which some people might have yielded to that unwise remark by guzzling bleach. Someone might suggest that nobody is dumb enough to do that, but what about the increased calls to emergency rooms and other places that resulted immediately afterward?! There is always someone who falls for anything that a person that they think is an authority suggests.

Whether anybody was that naive or not, it was NOT a responsible idea to banter about in a public forum. Fortunately, the manufacturers of cleaning products saw their duty as an industry and made sure they put out warnings not to use liquids that are supposed to clean inanimate objects internally. The result would have been severe sickness and probably death.

And yet, here he is again, suggesting an untested and unapproved product for this particular virus. Looking on google for the probable side effects for hydroxychloroquine yields this list off the top:

headache, dizziness

nausea, vomiting, stomach pain

  • loss of appetite, weight loss
  • feeling nervous or irritable
  • skin rash or itching
  • hair loss.

Once again, this announcement by the man in the White House has led the people who are involved with the drug to publish warnings about the dangers. There is a long list of things that are contra-indications. It is only suggested for emergency cases in hospitals with medical staff on the ready in case of bad results.

There is, at least in my mind, a real question as to whether Trump is actually taking this medication on a daily basis or that a doctor has actually put him on it. I suspect that the White House doctor that supported him did so because he saw backing up trump as his job. Trump tends to fire people and then attack them on twitter when they say “no” to anything he suggests. At least, the doctor probably thought, if I stay on his good side, I can at least keep him alive. Wonder what the doctor would do if trump decided to guzzle some disinfectant, but then he has apparently not gone to that extreme At least he hasn’t yet, anyway.

After three years of statements, often contradicting each other the same day, I don’t trust anything coming out of the White House. I do trust MOST of the medical profession and will wait for them to come up with a vaccine, and then tell me how long the vaccine will keep me safe before risking a lot of interaction with the general public.

What do I have to lose? The most important thing of all, my life!!!! And there is something just as bad as doom and gloom, and that is false hope and airy disregard for the dangers.



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