Why I am Batman A blind mind that can watch but can’t see

I Call my self a bat man because My mind is totally blind and I have developed blind senses like a bat….when I perceive scenic sensory perception It instantly gets deleted after impacting screen of mind and I can not play it’s motion picture on screen of mind so that any body describes a description of a room street or scenery of nature garden Place whereabouts or architectural structure of a room home or lawn…scenic picturesque is not portrayed on screen of my mind..
Because there is no arbitrary relation of signified and signifier
In absence of this relationship even a food recipe cooking mechanism doesn’t makes sense
Street architectural structure description doesn’t find co ordination because of Lack of scenic retreival and resulting imaginary picturesque in brain as there is no arbitrary relationship between signifier and signified.

As my family doesn’t keep me in tourism with them
In weeding ceremonies in outing of bigger cities I had been kept with dad with them
I had only literary knowledge and a literary imaginary picturesque created from descriptions of words in imaginative frame of mind described with words in book with out real experience of signifier with signified hence no arbitrary relationship is created.

I have instant experience of moving sensory impression and as they pass by or get out of instant impact my mind doesn’t replay it so mind gets blind and doesn’t play scenic picturesque of motion picture in brain so that I can vividly play them in brain and on re encounter identify and recognise all the impacted sensory impression I experience

I struggle in identification because my brain goes in cognitive bias and does faulty and corrupted interpretation
UK diagnosed me as mentally blind and recommended black blind glasses for me
With Kala chashma Song it’s translation is black sunglasses
.I have sun light sensitivity in greater sun light intensity I can’t visualise on high speed bike with greater wind pressure on eyes with excessive tears flowing.

Imaging technology magnified magnitude sensory impressions act as magnifier to impact screen of mind with greater signals and strength hence results in improved sensory perception including all 5 senses specifically handfree in ears 👂 improves listening as I hear aloud as well and Digital sensory impression results in improved visual perception.

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