Why doesn’t my cat purr anymore?

Purring is one of the most obvious characteristics of a cat’s comfort. When the cat is petted or fed by you, he will make a pleasant purr. If you find that your cat cannot purr anymore one day, please take him to the vet because he may have serious health problems. This article will give you a detailed introduction to several common reasons why cats do not purr.

1. Different expressions

Like humans, each cat expresses emotions in different ways. If your cat does not purr all the time, this is also a normal phenomenon.

2. Throat disease

When the cat’s throat is uncomfortable, the cat will not purr. This is also a way for cats to express their discomfort to you. You need to take your cat to the vet.

3. The source of cats

Cats born to wild cats usually do not purr, because wild cats will face many predators in the wild. Wild cats usually do not want to make noises to attract predators. Naturally, cats born to wild cats will not purr.

4. Relieve pain in other parts

The cat will also purr when there is pain in other parts of the cat. Some studies have shown that purring can help cats recover faster.

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