Why does my cat drool suddenly?

Have you noticed that your cat drools? Cats do not drool as often as dogs do. Unless you scratch his chin. In fact, there are many reasons for cats drooling. Some are normal physiological phenomena, while others are abnormal. You need to take them to the pet hospital to see the specific reasons.

1.During kneading

This phenomenon can be traced back to childhood. During breastfeeding, kittens often rub their paws on their mothers to stimulate milk production. These behaviors will bring a satisfying meal to the kitten. After adulthood, cats kneading in a relaxed condition will remind the cat of childhood, and the cat will drool at this time

2. Oral diseases

Cats are also very susceptible to oral diseases. Among elderly cats, oral diseases are more serious. Bacteria called plaque can accumulate in tartar and cause gum disease, called gingivitis (inflammation of the tissues around the gums) in which the ligaments that hold the teeth are affected and can cause drooling.

3. Emotional changes

Some cats drool when they are very excited, upset, or scared. Or the fear before they start nausea and vomiting usually leads to drooling. In either case, they usually stop drooling after calming down.

4. Something stuck in the mouth

If something gets stuck in your cat’s mouth, it is likely to cause drooling. The rope is a common oral foreign body. If the rope is stuck, do not pull it directly from the cat’s mouth, because the rope is likely to carry other things. At this time, go to the nearby pet hospital for help.

5. Poisoning

Drooling occurs when cats are poisoned. Cats like to gnaw flowers in the garden, and some flowers such as chrysanthemums, poinsettia, and lilies are poisonous to cats. So make sure your garden does not grow flowers that are poisonous to cats

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