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Why Do Older Men Think They Must physically Touch Women?

I was really disappointed to learn the Charley Rose of CBS and PBS was fired for sexually exploiting women. I have watched Charley on PBS for 20 years, and I would stay-up late in the evening to watch his broadcast.

It appears that older men in authority think they are special and deserve to spread their lust to degrading women. Men are rats! We must have inherited poor genes that make us behave so badly when dealing with women.

I think we need a psychologist to explain to us why we act as women are ours to touch and abuse. I confess I would never approach or touch a woman without permission, yet as a rat,  I have pondered how it would make me feel if I touched a woman’s buttocks and breasts without permission.


Charley Rose graduated from Duke University and has a law degree, but who would want  to hire him now. Charley has loss his career! I have dismissed Charley and wonder how he will support himself in view of his actions.

I have similar feelings for actor John Travolter(bad spelling)who confirmed he had a 6-year homosexual affair with another man. I deduce that Travolter must be bisexual and can still function in society without too much regret. I think the easy access to porn show how women are treated and some men must think they have liberty to treat women as pawns.


4 thoughts on “Why Do Older Men Think They Must physically Touch Women?”

  1. I have two responses for this.
    *These are not older men. They are older individuals.
    If not isolated cases, exactly at what older age do all men go nuts and start grabbing women?

    * Women spend a lot of time in preparation to look attractive to males, especially those in power. They don’t knock themselves out impress the car mechanic. It’s called the mating game. They even wear tight clothes and put their boobs out to display. Thus “rats” are born!

    You are fighting biology. It was a lot easier when ‘we’ just hit the women over the head with our club and dragged them back to our cave to enjoy a leg of Tyrannosaurus.

  2. I was heart broken to learn about Charlie Rose. Some female I heard on TV commented about this by saying …’Charlie made us women feel safe. Like everything was going to be ok when he spoke”
    I loved Charlie. Very sad.

    I don’t know why wires get crossed in some mens heads making them think its ok.
    And it’s not just men……I have known and seen women become animals too. I use to work with these 2 wild woman who tried to grab my ex’s privates a few times.

    People are INSANE!

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