Who is Kalki Avatar

In Hindu Tradition God will send an apostle that will spread light and Righteousness and will illuminate darkness

It will be last and final Avatar after who Maha Kaal will emerge and Justice will prevail

Father of Kalki Avatar is Vishnu Bhaght and mother as Samantha

Now Here Vishnu is name of God.

Vishnu Bhagat mean Abdullah in Arabic mean servant of God

Mother name is Samantha meaning Amnah or peace

He is last Avatar of Vishnu that will fight deviants and will differentiate darkness or falsehood from guidance or light

And Mah Kal is Armagadon that will be lead by Jesus against Terminator Dajjal or higher power Ravan and christ will assassinate him with Kalki Avatar Sword.

All evidences direct That Last Apostle Muhammad S.A.W is Kalki Avatar

As Ram and Krishan are ancient Avatars

Kalki Avatar is updated for entire humanity as mercy for entire Universe.

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