Who are you A brief Introduction

An intuitive philosopher with complete philosophy of life

A poet of pure emotions gentleman romance

Sadness and pre bonding incompleteness

A spiritual straight directed poet

A theorist

An uncertified doctor with successful treatment of HBV Cirrhosis Anorexia Nervosa and applying artificial intelligence with Amnesic psychedelic and injury prone defected mind.

A digitised brain

An Human Resource Management enthusiast

An Educationist and a complete Instituition of a school of thought.

These achievements in one personality are dreams or tales

My opponents are superior just having blessed brain M.Phil PHDs in borrowed school of thoughts of other philosophers

You can drive your wives to shop dinner and trip

You can co ordinate

You can purchase assets built banglow purchase and drive Perado 🚗

And I am loser you are winner because I am struggling monetarily

No assets no home no Gold so no money no honey

And yes Britian nation of language acknowledged

Humiliated by his own nation

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