Decoding thoughts technology

when you started seeing your brain thoughts being decoded on media when you did not speak a single word you definitely say the silent people have the most loudest minds such is case underdeveloped societies curse it as mentality of paralysed societies This is the technology that is used as Lie diagnosing technology or brain functioning test technology in case of brain trauma and injuries or to scan real picture of cognitive functioning Electroencephalography EEG is such a measure.

The technology that was employed in Gajni Movie to test back ground and picture brain functioning in character role. Whatever happened to Jiah Khan but that character role is what people observe in me Gajni is my younger brother and the way my thought process is decoded by international powers it is not coincidence I am just thinking they are decoding with technology as if my thoughts are spoken on their minds

Intuition is thought process and revelation is Gabriel communication from God directly to apostles….We should understand the difference Although both divine inflow but Intuition why scientifically proven valid n authentic it is Intuition other wise it is madness…revelation is for apostles but God used to communicate Mary and mother of Moses…..

As all Ishmael descendents of Abraham had Lords intuition Jafer Sadiq was intuition last guider will have appearance on moon and cause rainfall will enforce period of righteousness and real words of Lord from all four Bibles And his guidance will convince world and make righteous sense to entire world and world will start getting convince from his strong justification

An intuitive philosopher with complete philosophy of life

A poet of pure emotions gentleman romance

Sadness and pre bonding incompleteness

A spiritual straight directed poet

A theorist

An uncertified doctor with successful treatment of HBV Cirrhosis Anorexia Nervosa and applying artificial intelligence with Amnesic psychedelic and injury prone defected mind.

A digitised brain

Nobody in this state realised ever that the rape of my brain has resulted in living on Artificial Intelligence supported Digitised devices

For understanding communication and coordination someone with digitisation upgraded knowledge and qualification is required…

Because my short term memory impaired brain make me out of mind for every newer conversation

An Human Resource Management enthusiast

An Educationist and a complete Instituition of a school of thought.

These achievements in one personality are dreams or tales

My opponents are superior just having blessed brain M.Phil PHDs in borrowed school of thoughts of other philosophers

You can drive your wives to shop dinner and trip

You can co ordinate

You can purchase assets built banglow purchase and drive Perado 🚗

And I am loser you are winner because I am struggling monetarily

No assets no home no Gold so no money no honey

And yes Britian nation of language acknowledged

Humiliated by his own nation

Perhaps Monkeys are playing Music around snakes and their obstinacy say we are totally mistaken

That women said our shrine is better than anybody else she became a snake

Actually my spiritual connectivity with my Lord was challenged and in testing its authenticity They started becoming creatures…

For impuring and beling Arabic Bible building shrine of Laden promoting perception of those women that called my intuition as odd and said I am mistaken I am right because they perceived my younger brother as my reality for which I faced everyone persecution and everybody got mistaken and intuition revealed as reality like God used to speak me

When I flew my thinking in their perception I escaped a monkey mutation and spirits my granny everyone revealed in mysterious condition and I became an angel from monkey because I am pure from many human evils no drugs no alcohol no smoking

All that disaster came for making speculations about should I be married or not sexually abusing women and socially discouraging them falling in love with my character and aging me in their social drama if they had let me get married disaster to that level had not reached that it had invoked wrath of Lord

If people say I am a murderer I am not he is appearing in dreams to make someone in his family queen of paradise before someone else at the bottom of social stratification earn this status free of cost.

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