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Who are Dewanas ?

Healthy levels of masturbation don’t cause memory loss. However, compulsive masturbation can have adverse effects on your memory. Physical exhaustion is one of the results of excess masturbating. That, in turn, hampers attentiveness and can negatively impact memory.

Compulsive masturbation leads to the brain being drained of the hormone acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. The body replaces acetylcholine with stress adrenaline that can cause memory loss and a lack of focus. Hence, excessive masturbation can cause memory loss.

It was time from childhood I had charismatic attraction and facial built up and resultant looks were hot and killing

I was most handsome in entire fatherly and motherly family But I had unique learning mechanism I got attention of neighbouring girls class mates and motherly family mostly dwelling in England before mental ailment I had fair facial complexion that started remaining dark later on

My elder brother was dark in complexion and every body used to make fun of him

I had deep sense of self love and was totally careless regarding opposite gender affinity towards me

Even my elder brother used to bully me in such a play game I lost my balance and fell in utensil of boiling milk

Granny rushed and removed leggy or titts and my left thigh testicle sacs and partially erectile muscles had burn effects and I have not hairs on these portions but testicle still produce white dense liquid.

Later on I faced humiliation and hateful bullying of my younger brother and one of his two brain impairing shots on hippocampus and temporal lobe.

I faced a lot of bullying and social offenses and evil eyes consistently remained on me.

When Recession period started I had received another shot on my head near shrine of a Saint.

From here supernatural incidence started

I had been sexually abused and I was on verge of puberty I started having erections with erotic Indian songs of Juhi Chawla and Karishma Kapoor and resultant erotic thoughts. Although Erections were with blood flow but once blood locked in it used to become hard erected I used to find it hard how to lose erection. Afterwards one day I glided on bed of granny and top cup of penis gave me pleasure when It rubbed thigh…I started rubbing erected penis between thighs and prolonging pleasure and stopping orgasim.

Hence it became compulsive ejaculation addiction but in the same room where I used to ejaculate my mom visited old spirit that warned her you will be mistaken

It was my mom’s sexual education to me and my granny diagnosis when mom educated me after seeing I was my mom’s sexual education to me and my granny diagnosis when mom educated me after seeing I have become skeleton with Anorexia Mom said a single drop is produced from your bones and flesh that you are recklessly wasting And for next ten years I got rid of compulsive ejaculation and miraculously my penile health improved as well. I had two supernatural incidents afterwards.While singing in bathroom in shower my heart started bouncing in my rib cage and I can easily touch it and for seconds I went unconscious and I resumed senses as if I had survived a cardiac arrest with miracle

And those moon reflections that USA affirmed with confirmation of powerful NASA satellite are my anorexic facial build up as if I paid for Joseph alike chrisma

And after claiming massive rainfall resulted and Noori creatures were captured in satellite cams until HARP technology brought this mechanism in control with control of climate and calamities.

Just after birth of my baby sister that moon snapshot me

Another supernatural incident is a white spirit held my hand circumambulated me around a place of lights kept on communicating and I woke up

Perhaps it was another cardiac arrest and I got reimpulsed

I believe that white soul is either kidher PBUH or Azreal himself The angel of death.

But now When I sleep my brain gets in subconscious dreams condition and my heart ❤ continues beating.

Before regaining consciousness I totally lose any connection with outer world as if my heart ❤ has been denied of stop beating by heart reimpulsion technology

My brain is functioning on artificial intelligence I am much like robots 🤖 only difference is I have soul that robots don’t have. They have electric charge that can be discharged.

Another Supernatural incidence is when soul of my granny appeared in dream subconscious condition of my mom and grappled her hand firmly and conveyed decree of Almighty to her will you take care of my Son assure me will you take care of my son

This commandant was for entire family of mom and those that will submit to decree and will of Almighty

But afterwards she faced hostile undertaking of radical society and people she is surrounded with.

These reckless people continued their disobedience to decree of Almighty and warnings to inflict them intense torment in hereafter.

My mom was displaced with rationalisation and School owned land donator harassed her to intimation and invoked the community for violence against her

I wrote CM of that time a message on Facebook Shabaz Sharif

Nephew of my granny paid bribe for her that time permitted manual adjustment and we were successful in bringing her in that school from where she was displaced.

From this school she retired.

But looking at damages caused to that holy old Lady

She encountered an accident on rickshaw that cracked her skull she underwent brain surgery and cracked portion of her skull 💀 was replaced with bone plaster

This operation was referred by her father’s uncle’s daughter

She was brought home than her kidney failure alarm was signalled by her uncle’s son

Same uncle’s daughter’s husband saved her from kidney failure.

6 month before her retirement She was having excessive menstrual bleeding at the age of 59 years 6 months

She was diagnosed with myocardial cancer at stage 2

I built up mind of dad for surgical removal of ovary pericardial and endometrial after radiotherapy her reports are ok

She was ruthlessly undertaken by her young woman staff

Until we exercised influence and completed her retirement tenure

She was operated and underwent radiotherapy and until now her reports are normal

But her gall bladder has gone weak she can’t hold her urine and excessive urination the night long is all that she is having.

If you people are believer of Almighty why you don’t surrender to decree and will of Almighty you are reckless in your disobedience you are reckless from his severe torment you believe in Almighty but you don’t submit to will of Almighty. Have you ever assessed your radical believes on balance of scientific intuitive validity and authentication. How much good practitioner of your religious values you are how much dishonest to them in practice you are…

What expiation you performed whenever Almighty knocked at your door to minimise the torment from deeds you put forward

Why are reckless from facing The Punisher.

Aren’t we happy being devil’s advocate.

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