who am i

who am i

to you, mostly, some words on a screen

just some impression

of emotion and inspiration and ignorance

a voice here in the void

howling into infinity


but to me, maybe thats the better question,

who am i, to me…

well a few weeks ago i got to meet the people i work with

i work remote

and it was nice and fun and spontaneous

and we did things i dont outwardly like

meeting and talking and discussing our inner selves

and one of my teammates called me something ive been called nearly all my life

most often in places like this.

and at the time i thought of it a funny coincidence

on reflection its just so strange.

ive never thought of myself like it

my head is pretty loosely screwed on

and my thoughts run through my head

like a raging river

am i the person i show

or the person screaming inside?

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