While hating violence, we must remember all the provocation handled out even recently for African-Americans to be royally and justifiably angry especially with the “White Nationalist” flavor of the current administration

This message is for anybody that is reading it. I am very sad tonight. I laid down a couple to three hours ago and woke up thinking i was in the twilight zone. You see, I knew that the people in Minnesota were frustrated…justifiably. They have been expressing that frustration for three nights now. They are angry about another Black man being killed, this time by a callous policeman who stood quite literally on his head for almost nine minutes. That is not what a policeman in a civilized country does.

I also feared that the slowness to act considering the evidence on the video was so immediate, and the seemingly lackluster charge of third degree murder (what happened to first degree..or at least second degree) was not likely to resolve the frustration and fear that once again, a Black man was not going to get justice. However, the reality exceeded my fear. Not only were there now protests, with violence intermingled, in DC and New York, but also Atlanta. In Atlanta, it had gotten particularly violent. The number of violent persons was apparently only 30 or 40, but still violence was involved.

What the mayor of Atlanta said very clearly is that violence is not the answer and that those wanting to peacefully protest the abuse by the Minnesota cop needed to go home so that their message would be undiluted. Martin Luther King Jr was also quoted, however, as saying that rioting is the response of those that do not get heard. Something to think about as we look at these times.

But, while we are bemoaning the violence that has appeared in the midst of legitimate justified protest, let’s not forget the provocation that trump and many in the establishment have added to the scenario.

1. trump, remember, is the man who thought that the Neo Nazi’s who gathered in Charlottesville to rage against Jews and fight against the removal of memorials to people who rebelled against the nation partly to be allowed to keep Blacks as slaves were “good people”.

2. trump, the man who, when domestic terrorists invaded the Michigan state assembly to demand that the health precautions against Covid-19 be ignored and the nation re-opened so they could continue to “do whatever they wanted” no matter what the risk in lives lost would be…cheered them on and told them they needed to “liberate” their states.

3. trump, the man who responded to NFL players protesting the violence against Black youth in our cities by policeman at a higher rate by far than they would ever inflict violence on a White youth by saying they should be thrown off the field and fired.

4. trump, the man who now that it is Black people angry about a killing, with some few resorting to violence, responses almost immediately with “bring in the big guns”. (imagine the outrage of seeing 3 and 4 both in such a short amount of time with being Black seeming to be the only difference)

This is the man (trump) who Black youth, along with the rest of us have been exposed to for over three years now. They have not heard the voice of King speaking in their ear on a daily basis, and if they are reminded, find it entirely too easy to also remember that Martin Luther King was almost fifty years ago (50). They are now asking themselves “how long do we have to wait?” and they are justified in doing so. After all, with slavery followed by Jim Crow, they have been waiting for literally hundreds of years, as a people.

I have heard it said that justice delayed is justice denied. Let’s stop denying Justice. Let’s stop telling our young black men, by action, that they don’t count. Let’s stop telling our poor, by actions, that they will always be at the bottom of the pile. That, the poor and especially minorities will be given crumbs off the table while the rich men who own the corporations continue to rake it in hand over fist. Don’t fall into the trap set by trump and those on the right. Don’t allow them to claim the narrative. Violence is horrible, but most people are simply stating that it is past time for justice to be served. And sadly, violence is often met with violence and there has been systematic and ongoing violence against young Black men especially. And the words of trump, especially with the agreement of his base, is encouraging that injustice to continue. Let’s come together and not let that happen.

3 thoughts on “While hating violence, we must remember all the provocation handled out even recently for African-Americans to be royally and justifiably angry especially with the “White Nationalist” flavor of the current administration”

  1. 1. statues of people that rebelled against the United States in part due to slavery are not heroes of the nation but traitors to it and I am white and reject totally the idea that people that left the nation at least in part over slavery should have their flags and the founders of their rebellion celebrated in government places today. It is celebrating the exact wrong part of history.,…one of the worst things about the nations history rather than one our finest hours.. And the people marching in Charlottesville, were carrying tiki-torches and chanting “Jews will not replace us” That is a hate inspiring chant, and nothing but. They were the most visible and active past of the “unite the right” which was a radically racially biased group.

    2. carrying guns to the doors of a state assembly whether they got inside or not should never be tolerated…it is an attempt to use gun power to intimidate…a threat of violence. And all that to prevent efforts to maintain the health of the citizenry in many cases for selfish reasons like hair cuts and tattoos,..or huge gatherings that could easily be postponed to save lives. It is the act of an domestic terrorist.

    3. First of all, I know that some media said that Brown stole something…or was a thug. I also know that “some media” is biased against Black people….and whatever the case, Brown could have been stopped without killing. And I personally do not tend to believe “new evidence” that comes out after a report to try and make policeman look innocent of abusing their power. And Zimmerman with his murder of Trayvon was an even worse case. He was a rent-a-cop and was told to stand down and the police would come and yet he decided he was “the big guy” and could stand his ground because apparently anybody with a gun is a hero in their own eyes, And really, you are going to try to refute me with the “George Soros paid for” lines of BS that the right always tries to attack those that disagree with them with…you can guess what I think of that I suspect but in case you don’t, I will tell you so you do know….RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA. I have taken part in 30 or more protests including probably 15 marches since the beginning of 2017 and never, ever, have I been paid a penny by any Soros type person and neither has anybody else of the dozens of people that I know participating in the Resistance movement. You have bought the kool aid ole pal,.

    4. Many not local??? Really, and where did you get the figures on that?? The particular location of this brutality was in an area of racial tension for some time.
    Black Americans have been treated as second class citizens until recently in just about all ways, and are still in some ways. The over representations of Black Men in prison and in stats of those killed by over zealous policemen are two ways in which we are STILL not a post racist society. The media “moves on” because sadly, there is one more race based killing right behind the prior one. There are some wonderful police of all ethnicities that do their job and do it with consideration for citizens they are supposed to serve and protect, and then there are some bullies and out right brutes who do not deserve to carry a badge, like the cop that killed George Floyd by standing on his head. Really, instead of loading him into the car, he had to stand on his head.

    But then, we now have a man in the White House that told lies about the followers of Islam supposedly celebrating the destroying of the Twin Towers, and claimed that Obama was not an American even thought he was born in Hawaii, referred to immigrants from south of the border as rapists and drug dealers….as though we don’t have just many of both born here in this nation as we ever imported, legally or not. (the truth is that most immigrants come as refugees looking to have a better life and are encouraged to do some by individuals and businesses wanting cheaper labor. In fact as recently as in the last 5 months there have been farmers not able to bring all their crops in without immigrant labor.

    When the person in the White House has the tendency to demonize people of a minority, whether it be hispanics, Muslims or Blacks, I guess one can expect that so called leader’s supporters to support racist targeting and discrimination too.

  2. 😛 Ahhhh, Daily Caller and The New American. In other words, full on right wing propaganda. See, two can play that game. At least my media sources have been known to acknowledge and correct a mistake.

    See, it all comes down to the media one trusts…

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