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Where Has The Wonderful Sound of Silence Gone?

sound of silence

When I was younger, much younger, I had little to no patience at all. I wanted things to happen, and happen immediately. Of course we very seldom get what we want, and those times we do it isn’t always as expected. Luckily for me, as i started to get older, I also started to mature, and with that maturity I slowly gained a tolerable level of patience… or so I thought.

Since this forced “hibernation” all thanks to Covid-19, I have found my patience is once again at a critical level. It all started when I was sitting calmly enjoying a morning cup of coffee. You see, when I first get up in the morning, which is usually around 5:30 am, I love the peace and quiet. I like to turn on my laptop, check my emails, see what is the latest bullshit on FaceBook and check out what stupid things Trump has managed to do while I was sleeping.

Well lately this little morning routine of mine has been constantly interrupted… it seems my my wife has decided that since i’m up, she should get up as well. I’ve told her it isn’t necessary, and that she should stay in bed and continue with her beauty sleep,I think I may have even told her she really needs it, but in a loving way as to not upset her. I think my words were, “you do know anyone in your condition needs plenty of sleep.”

See, it wouldn’t be so bad if she got up when I did, if she could learn to not be constantly asking me questions when I’m busy trying to figure out what it was that made trump do the stupid shit he did. The questions are distracting, and I find them annoying as well. A good cup of coffee and silence is wasted on someone who finds it pleasant to hear their own voice so early in the morning.

Do you know one of the first questions she asks is what I’d like to eat for dinner that evening? Really, you just hauled your ass out of bed, and you wonder what we will eat in about 8 hours from now? This without even a good morning first!

Of course there is then a barrage of other questions, and my head is still reeling from the dinner question… it all comes out sounding like the adults all do in a peanuts cartoon. wah, wah, wah, wah, wah…. really, all I like to hear when i first get up, is the sound of silence.

So with the increase in my inablilty to maintain an acceptable level of patience, I find my blood pressure rising, I hyperventilate, and I swear that there is sweat breaking out enough to drown a small child. This is all because I hold back on any tongue lashing I would like to give, because, a happy wife, is a happy life. So what do I do instead, I answer her damn questions, that’s what I do!

So my time of solitude is only now on those rare occasions when she leaves the apartment to do laundry. Which is short lived, and also requires work on my part, because I get to carry the dirty laundry down the four floors to the laundry room, and also when it is done, I get to bring it back.

I could spend more time outside on our balcony, if i wanted to piss icicles for a week, you see, the weather has not been very “spring like” here this year yet. As a matter of fact, it had rained last evening, and the droplets that had remained on our patio table had frozen. Although, now that the sun is shining on them, they are slowly melting, and the sun being out like it is gives a false sense of warmth, because it is far from warm. It is actually cold out there this morning.

I’ve also found my patience level has reached a dangerous level when I see some articles being posted on Twitter. It also makes me wonder what has happened to the education system. One has to really wonder about people who are being asked to so things that will help them in the long term, who seem to think that being dead, or cause harm to others is perfectly acceptable. If you are in that much of a hurry to meet your maker, why not just swallow a bullet, and leave the rest of us out of it.

The pic to the left would be funny, if it wasn’t an actual fact! I can actually see these nitwits sitting around drinking and telling there buddies of their latest feats of stupidity.

I mean, come on, protesting because they want you to keep your lazy ass inside for awhile to help stop spreading a virus that is dropping people like flies… and Trump is goading them into it… he sent several tweets the other day, naming all blue states, when doing so, most were one word, Infringement… meaning the governors of those states were infringing on the peoples rights to gather and mingle…

I really hope he doesn’t get another term, because if he does, he is going to finish the job of eliminating (killing off) the lower and probably the middle class.

So now i will get use to not having that morning solitude, stay home, and try to look fashionable in pajama pants and t-shirts. listening to the sound of my wifes incessant questions, and wonder what will be on the menu for dinner in these trying times. I will try to be more patient, more understanding, and hope that the weather warms up so I can at least escape to the balcony now and then. Complain as I do, my wife has been my rock and my angel, it’s been a long road so far, and when my expiry date comes up, I hope it is before hers, because I’m pretty sure if not, I won’t be long following.

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