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Is it just me?

3 thoughts on “Is it just me?”

  1. Jules, calm down, didn’t mean to get you so upset with a personal comment. But I guess anyone who is a Biden lover, a Pelosi, extreme left socialist/communist democrat supporter and comrade and who Idolizes losers like Pinocchio Adam Schiff, Schumer and irrationally and unjustly hate Trump, etc., has social interaction issues. Fortunately for you leftist wackos normal people allow the likes of you to go off the deep end and not engage in the kind of cowardly behind the back attacks you and your group find no qualms doing.

  2. I am perfectly calm thanks. My enquiry was a genuine attempt to understand what this post is about. Posts with titles and no content serve no purpose for the reader other than to leave them wondering what it is the poster is trying to convey. Oh, and by the way, your post didn’t upset me in the least. One Love.

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