What WILL happen on November 4th

Do not expect to have a victor named on November 4th. Donald John Trump has already stated that,if he is behind, he will contest ever single mail-in ballot that does not go his way. The corrupt GOP has already conned the great state of Texas into putting only one ballot box per county and some of the counties are rather large. Donald John Trump has another advantage that no one has thought about. He has the Supreme court packed with people who are loyal to him! No matter what happens, mark my words, trump will never allow a peaceful change of power! Herr trump is so mentally unhinged that he honestly believes that everyone is going to vote for him and he is the greatest “president” of all time! He believes that because his master, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin wants him to believe that! Russia interfered in the 2006 elections and they have tried to interfere in this one! let’s face it folks, right now, donald john trump is a puppet of russia and is especially a puppet of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! Your “president” is a traitor to this once great country and should be brought to and put on trial for both treason and crimes against humanity / the United States people! If, God forbid, trump wins then a lot of things will happen! First, you will see a greater call to abolish that corrupt, archaic, anachronistic device called the electoral college. The United States of America is the only nation in the world where the popular vote, the vote of it’s citizens does not matter! Let’s face it folks, you are not voting for president. What you are doing, by voting, is telling people who you have never met (called electors, in the electoral college) who you want them to vote for. If the popular vote, the vote of the citizens was the only vote that counted, like it is in every other country in the world that has elections, then, just like 2016, there is no way trump wins the election, especially with his ineptitude on Covid – 19. Speaking of Covid – 19, if trump stays in office, you will see it get a lot worse before it gets better! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it can indeed get worse with trump in office. With his delusions of grandeur, herr trump has decided that he knows more than the experts do, even the ones of his own party! You will also see racism on the rise even more wirth herr trump in office. Blacks will be regulated to the status that they were at just after the civil war if not back to before the civil war. Just this morning I saw in the news that Jewish headstones were defaced with the letters t r u m p. Freedom of speech will take a hit. If you say anything to criticize herr trump, either he, his gestapo or his sycophants / supporters will do what they can to attack you! Finally, and this is the most important one, Social Security will take a huge it! Trump has already said that he wants to get rid of the payroll tax and do you know where a good part of the money that goes on to Social Security comes from? That’s right folks, the payroll tax! The only people who will benefit the payroll tax being eliminated will be his fat cat rich friends. The rest of us will suffer and that is just ok with the brainwashed, can’t think for themselves supporters of donald john trump (once again, I’m looking at you Cathy Smith Banks). A trump presidency will just continue the nightmare of the last four years. If he remains in office, then this country should do what the French did during the French Revolution!

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