“What we do in the Shadows”

Yes…I posted about this when it first came on TV but the second season is out and I think it is funnier and more entertaining.

Has anyone seen this show yet?


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  1. I haven’t seen the show but I was part of a movie watching group for a while. We watched a different movie every week, and one week, this was the choice. The host had something like 25,000 movies so we would vote, as a group on what to watch from a particular category. One week the original movie happened to be the pick.

    It was funny in a very offbeat way. The phrase I remember best is the vampires are out and run into a group of werewolves. The two groups don’t get along. Anyway, one of the vampires says “yeech, I smell dog” as they pass by one another.

    I didn’t know it was a TV show. Where can it be found…netflix, amazon prime?? or is it on one of the regular stations somewhere. I can check amazon prime myself since i have that one. It looks like the updated tv version might be even funnier than the movie.

  2. It is so funny. I watch it on FX on cable but they are showing it on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. The Werewolf episode was last season and FUNNY. I’ll post a clip I found on youtube.

    Your movie group sounds like a fun group. I hope someone had a nice big screen for everyone to enjoy it on.
    My favourite place for a movie was the Independent Movie Theater. Not just because they had nice big leather recliners and wine…..but because I love a good independent movie. THAT is something I miss in this lockdown…a good movie in the theater. I am going to have to dig for my projector and watch something on one of the walls.

  3. I’ve heard of it but never seen it. I think it’s available on Amazon or Netflix, or Sky even, but outside of subscribed TV it’s not shown over here. . .yet.

  4. Well wouldn’t you know it? I was just browsing through the channel listings and “What We Do in the Shadows” is due to air on BBC 2 in about 10 minutes time. Thinking twice about my previous comment, I think I have seen some of it before but can’t be sure. I shall watch it now and see if it jogs my memory.

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