What the World Needs Now…

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There is no growth without growing pains. There is much pain and suffering going on in the world today. Much of this suffering is due to the karma each of us are here to work out; much of it is due to the corruption, the greed, and the desire to control people that is currently being exhibited by the global banks, and the world governments that they have bought off.

The people of this world are slowly awaking to this corruption, and greed. We are realizing that we have lost, or given up many of our rights, our savings, our independence, and our national sovereignty due to the fraud of these select few people. Reclaiming our freedom is part of our growing pains.

In the past, tyrants, and despots were defeated through bloody revolutions, and rioting by the oppressed people. We are coming to a new age where the actions of the past will not take us where we want to be. History has shown that bloody revolutions, and war only add to the karmic debt of the people. Things may improve for a short time, but always revert back due to this karmic cycle. History over the last few thousand years has shown this cycle.

The only way to change this viscous karmic cycle is to fight the oppressors with resistance, love, and acts of good will. As Gandhi said over fifty years ago “Resistance is victory”. We need not draw blood to regain our freedom, we simply need to grow a back bone and resist the fascists. We the people out number the oppressors, and their henchmen over a thousand to one. There is nothing keeping these folks in power except our inertia, and failure to see what they are up to. Once a majority of us wake up to the fraud, the lies, the staged terror attacks, etc. that they have perpetuated, it will be simple to take back what is ours without bloodshed, or creating more negative karma.

People have been reading about the Mayan calendar and other reports of the world ending in 2012. As I predicted, the world did not end, but instead I believe it was the end of this major negative karmic cycle I mentioned before. 2012 ushered in the Age of Aquarius that was talked about back in the 1960’s, where love will reign, and all men, and nations will realize our oneness; with each other, and our creator.

This new age will manifest after enough of us learn the ways of love. This will happen when we learn not to judge others, but allow them to be themselves. This will happen when our acts of good will, out number our acts of selfishness. This will happen!

What the world needs now is love, and acts of good will. Please make a donation.

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