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What music are you listening to?

I always like these threads, so i hope it’s alright to start one.

Currently I’ve been playing a lot of Claypool Lennon delerium, so lets start there 😊

19 thoughts on “What music are you listening to?”

  1. Sounds very old school psychedelic rock, circa 60’s – early 70’s.

    I can hear a lot of influences in this track – a whole bunch of them in fact, (White Noise springs to mind for one) but if you’re aiming to be retro then there’s no avoiding it.

    I like it.

    1. The album was released last year. A collaboration of Les Claypool on bass and vocal and Julian Lennon on guitars and vocal. No doubt there’s a 60 / 70 inspiration, but then again the bass brings me to the 80 / 90 too. I think it’s an album that grows on you.

      1. Yes, I did some searching around about them – in all honesty I have never heard of them before. And to think Julian Lennon is involved in such a project makes sense to me, somehow.

        I liked it so much I am going to order a copy from Amazon.

  2. LOVE IT! I can always depend on you to introduce new/old new music.
    It’s a bit calming….perfect combination of mellow and heavy. Perfect to listen to while working on your project.

    Me…at the moment have some Bon Iver on… usual go to when working on this particular project.
    BUT…I have been really getting to an older band that I just LOVE the vocals of the lead singer.
    I always find it so amazing how the world produces so much music that we will never hear it all. And to find something so new and amazing to me turns out to be 10 years old. Actually…I heard about these guys from Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine. He does a once a week show on Sirius XM. Awesome music.

    “Days of the New”

    1. Nice song Monica. It brings me back to when i listened a lot to alice in chains and stone temple pilots, but with an unplugged feeling.

      I think I’ll give that sirius Xm a listen. Is it a radio or something web based? I like most of what Tom Morello have been involved in.

      1. YES…you can hear hints of those bands in their music. SiriusXM is satellite radio. We have it in our cars and you can listen online. I absolutely enjoy Tom Morellos shows not only because he plays such great music but he shares his stories about meeting other musicians and the friendships he has developed with them. His show is on the Lithium station on Siriusxm. Sirius has a station for all taste.

      1. On Thinkr the link to a video would turn into the video once posted. Doesn’t seem to work here. I had to use the embed code to get a video to post in comments. The code starts with the word iframe.

        1. Hi… oh my goodness I can’t believe I found my way back here again don’t ask me how ??? Some things never change. Like Alice in Wonderland, I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole? I have no idea how I got here or how to add my picture or fill out a profile, let alone blog? It took me hours to figure out how to leave a reply!!! It all started out with coming across some old pictures and a video on Facebook that I never knew was there… Ive bern trying to find my way back here All DAY ❤️ Every time I leave a comment do I have to fill out my email address and name etc.???

        1. Hi I’m really lost around here I can’t even figure out how to fill out my profile and a picture or post a blog? Where can I go for help?

          1. Hi Rosemary. What are you trying to do? If you want to create a new post hover your mouse over *NEW* (top left of screen) and you will see a drop down list with 3 options. Click on *POST* and that will take you to the new post editor screen. Once there you will be able to compose a new post.

          2. Hi Rosemary 🙂
            Happy to see you stumbled into the place.

            It actually isn’t as complicated as some would make it out to seem. Mind you….I have 10 left thumbs and am use to having a staff figure it all out for me.
            Just take your time and click on everything and read all drop down menus.
            I will get with the other Admins and we will come up with some kind of step by step for new users and I will forward it to you.

            I blame my age for getting easily confused….but I posted with a 90+ year old fried who guided me around at one time. So I can’t use that excuse anymore.

            Again…good to see you and give us a few days to get to the Step by Step. We are not always on at the same time.

  3. I’ve been listening to a lot of music from artists from Nova Scotia the last week or so. There was a mass murder there and the community has come together to try and get pass the whole thing. I just finished listening to Sara McLaughlin, and earlier Natalie MacMaster. Plus there are a lot of local musicians playing other famous artists music.

  4. I love up-beat, music with a clear and positive message … music that inspire and compels me to smile and enjoy the rhythm/lyrics. My friends keep me supplied daily with a variety of ‘Youtube Music’ to listen to … and I simply love most of it. 🙂

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