What Is Real? WHO Is Real?

It’s been a good day as days go. Didn’t blow anything up and didn’t kill anyone so I’m ahead of the games.

My wife has been miserable all day, she hasn’t been sleeping and I know what that can do to you night after night so I don’t blamer her. Hell, today I couldn’t blame anyone for the Tate/Labianca murders. Remember those? Ignite race war! Hah! We did not need those deaths to ignite a race war. Only time.

Nothing’s getting to me today because I am numb. Totally numb. I did not sleep too well myself last night although everytime I awake she was asleep. I dare say the opposite was true too.

Good news. No panic attacks or headaches. No visits from the shadow people or from Dunno. No shooting orbs of light.

Not nothing. That us what I feel like. Nothing. Totally numb. Like I don’t really exist at all. I just drift through this world and it is a place of dreams, either mine or someone elses. But nothing is real here. It is all phantasms.

I think therefor I am. Or are my thoughts part of someone’s dream, even my own? If I think and therefor I am then how do I know anyone, anything else is real? They say they think but that could be my dream responding as expected.

What IS real? Are any of us real? GoldenPig was real or she seemed like it. She’s long gone to Facebook, another pretend world.

How do I touch someone in such a way that I know 100% for sure they are real? Or how do they touch me?

What is real? Who is real? Iris… she is real. Why would I dream her up. She has to be real.

One, maybe 2 real people in this dream world.


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