What IS Manic Depression?

Manic Depression or Bipolar as it is more commonly called, is caused by a an imbalance in neurotransmitters in your brain. Most commonly neuroepinephrine and serotonin. As such it has a physical and not mental cause. Although it’s effects do all seem to mental related they are not. They are caused by a physical disorder. Therefore when one is lost to bipolar depression or when one is flying high on mania it is not possible to just pull yourself up and escape it. You need help to beat and that help is pharmacological in mature. Yes pills. Possibly lots of them. I take 8 pills in the morning and 7 at night. And that barely manages to keep it under control.

So don’t think you can or even have to goit alone with this disorder. There IS help available. You need to find a good psychiatrist who will prescribe the correct pills for you. It may be a trial and error thing until the correct blend of meds for you have beeb found.

Speakingof that it is very common for a sufferer to get where they feel good on the pills and so they don’t need them anymore. Believe me that is far from the truth. And when you relapse, as you surely will, it may very well be worse than the first time. Like it or not you have to accept the idea that you will most likely have to take those pills for the rest of your life just to stay funcional. Not pretty but it IS a fact.

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