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What everyone thinks of attorneys. Hundred times that for DA’s, especially the Atlanta, Ga., D.A.

Miss nilly willy big Fani Willis is your perfect example of someone allowed to get into a very important taxpayer paid public employee position and the destruction they cause to us all. Lets face it she didn’t get that position cause she was the best and highest qualified person for the job. By her conduct and prepared spills on TV she is not even basic qualified. Absolutely not. She got it based on all the worthless and counterproductive reasons and factors, like, gender, race, preferential treatment and quotas for so called “diversity”, discrimination against best qualified people to created a new discrimination system that will cover up some past discrimination process, really?

She is an example of how destructive the new discrimination process is when it place someone who is obviously grossly incompetent professionally and personally bankrupt. She definitely does not have the needed formal education, at least if she really had to work her way through the required collage courses and pass them with her real intelligence and brain power. Personally she lacks the character attributes like honesty, real courage, integrity and selflessness and a true patriotic mind. Lets face it, the same corrupt system that places them in jobs they do not qualify for will ensure that they pass all required courses, weather they do or can or not. We know that.

She is an “entitled too, I am victim loser liberal, a men hater (ole white boy Donald Trump) who is destroying the judicial system and illegally using an enormous amount of tax dollars for her sick personal reasons and the left agenda. The Hate Trump left and the socialist/communist democrats who fear him because he tells the truth about them and they know he will end the “business as usual, Status Quo corrupt culture in Washington and all our govt., offices and agencies.

Trump is the ONLY candidate who has demonstrated the courage to stand up to the corrupt politicians, mostly on the left and make needed changes. Pence is a wuss, and didn’t have the courage to tell it like it is and that is the democrats did corrupt the election process and more than likely there were thousands of left/democratic illegal votes in the last election process and many for Trump votes were buried or never counted. That is what Trump was saying. He never said or implied that he wanted someone to alter the existing findings. With the help of the sick liberal left the liberal news media lies to us and in reality are the ones who are trying to tamper with all our elections and need to be held accountable for that and prison is not good enough for such traitors and treasonous acts.

Like everything the corrupt cowardly left does, lie, engage in character assassination, falsely accuse others of what they actually do then take a “shotgun” approach in attacking someone, in this case many some ones, misusing and illegally using the system and tax dollars and hope something sticks and the losers in our society today buy it.

My vote is for Trump, the more they slander him the more I am convinced he is the man for the job and we need him more than ever.

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