what are the odds?

Well, here we go! My first blog! So take it easy on me…lol I believe my depression started around the age of 13/14. We were in a rough living situation. That’s a whole nother beast! I can look back and see myself struggling. Me grades dropped. I didn’t care. I believe this was the beginning to the end. We were in this living hell for 9 yrs. Why? I just ask, Why? Then I began to hang with the wrong crowd, doing pills, smoking pot and skipping school. Needless to say, I got pregnant in the 11th grade. I quit school because my mom would not allow me due to being pregnant. My anxiety began at around 17, after the birth of my son. 17 and raising a baby. I had a lot of issues going on. I had a hard time accepting the fact that my live has now changed forever. Now I am 57 and on meds. I hate being on so many prescriptions to help me cope with life. Did my mom not teach me coping skills? lol Well, this is a short blog. Just seeing where it goes.

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  1. It’s kind of hard to say anything because Depression is a Diagnosed condition by educated professionals. So it becomes so touchy to say anything.

    But I will say…we can not let our past define us. You were young and had the cards stacked against you. I think I read somewhere that “you” today…..should have a conversation with young you. In your mind….sit with young “you” and talk with her and hug her.
    Also….do you have a belief system?

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