What a day for a daydream.

So, the past week the temperature has been in the -5F to 10F range, and last night my car battery died on me.

My battery is located under my rear seat.  It took me over an hour driving around today to find a replacement battery, at a NAPA auto parts store, for $125 dollars, but they refused to install for me stating they don’t do replacements of under seat batteries.  3F today and my hands too numb to deal with it but finally, Walmart agreed to do the work for me, without labor charge.

Cool enough.  Life has it’s ups and downs…

Compound the battery issue by fact the cold weather shattered the big rear window of my car.  So I was driving around in this weather AFTER calling AAA to come start my car for me.  Luckily that is part of my auto insurance policy, but could not find anyone to do replacement of the window until 8:30AM Monday, in a town 25 miles away.

I have the back window covered for now and don’t need anything but maybe milk in the interim, which I can get at nearest Dollar General, one block away.

Total cost my little New Years “delight” will total out around six hundred dollars, one hundred fifty of which of which will be returned by insurance company after my deductible.

Would be easy for me to be angry at the world, but I just write it off as life being life.

No big deal.

Nothing is permanent.

My “ace-in-the-hole…?

I am not a “believer,” so there will be no thanking of any “deity” for anything.

Simply human existence doing what human existence does, all on it’s own.

Nothing to see here, nothing to be alarmed about.

Settling in after my long cold day with a big bowl of wonton soup, assembled from contents of my freezer, after waking from a much appreciated ninety minute nap.

Life is beautiful.

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