Well…. This is different….

First of all, is this the old www.thoughts.com? I used to blog here about 7 years ago or so, I did for a while, until the site got super glitchy and it was really hard to manage my blogs, or post from my phone.

I made friends from my old blog, that I am still friends with all of these years later. My life has changed a lot since then, A LOT! It’s funny what can happen in 7-8 years…

For anyone who is interested (I’m hoping I might see some of the old faces around here still) I blog about;

  • Relationships
  • Day to Day life
  • Work (Formula one)
  • Health & Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Affairs
  • Sometimes I’ll rant…
  • Friendships
  • Art
  • Sex
  • Anxiety
  • Astrology/Spirituality (Twin Flames, Soul mates, Star Signs, Numerology)
  • Family/Friends

And probably a bunch of other stuff off the top of my head…


  • Politics
  • Judgemental people
  • Drugs (but I like helping people with addiction, I was close to someone who does/did struggle with addiction so it’s not completely off topic for me)

Probably others but I can’t think of them right now lol.

Hope to meet like minded people, contribute and read their blogs, make friends, and have a ‘safe’ space to write basically whatever comes into my head lol

Please drop me a line, I’ll take a look at your blog!

6 thoughts on “Well…. This is different….”

  1. The owner of T.com created this site for the Thoughts crowd when T.com got to expensive to fix and run. This site has a forum like the earlier incarnations of Thoughts but the blogs are on a wordpress platform.

    There are some “old” Thoughtsters around as well as some new Thinkrs so I hope you can find a place here to call your own 😉

    1. Hey, thank you for clarifying, it’s a bit difficult to navigate around here tho unfortunately. I mean, where do I find my blogs? ones I have already wrote…. I can’t easily see the comments, I wish it was easier because I used to like blogging!

        1. Generally when I post how do I find what I post, like the one you just commented on, is there no list of my posts anywhere like there used to be on thoughts.com? Do I have to go into comments every time and just hope I see the comments…How do I find blogs that are similar to what I want to read? why is my email address next to my name? I Wanted my blog to be anon, there is a lot wrong with this website for me, unfortunately, I’m not sure now that I will be using it 🙁

  2. I do not like this blog, I fear
    I liked it there….but not right here.
    Just wish the past were back again
    And we could be together then.
    But things must change I fear somehow
    Though things were better THEN than NOW!

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