Well i guess it is over

I have stayed on thoughts, and posted about this new site, as well as informed them there that thoughts would probably shut down when the time frame for the domain name runs out.

Well, i guess it has.  When i clicked on thoughts a minute ago, it sent me hear.  I then wrote out the http address, and again, it sent me here.

So all us thoughtsters, are now thinkrs….LOL

i will try again tomorrow, but i don’t think so…..


17 thoughts on “Well i guess it is over”

  1. WOW and I just logged out of there no more than 10 minutes ago!! I was reading comments from all kind of people saying how they thought the site was supposed to close and one user said the domain was to close May of ’18! Others were saying how they didn’t think it was going to close at all, etc, etc…and now, lo and behold, it IS closed, ack!! Some said they weren’t leaving, and just on and on….well there is no choice now….its a done deal. The end of a wonderful place I called “home” for 8 years. I can only hope this place does well too, ♥


    1. I know Dani. I kept trying to get them over here, but a lot of em tried, and couldn’t get in…i don’t know if it was the server or their email address. I hope ben addresses this issue.
      I kept telling them it WAS going to disappear, but a lot of them didn’t believe me, i guess.

      1. Donna, I guess some have gone to yet other blogging sites, so there is a scathering of thoughts members a little bit everywhere. I’ve been blogging on another site for over 2 years which I love to pieces, but I always had loved thoughts the best. I hated to see it go, but so many had left with all the issues it had, it makes me sad still, though. 🙁

      1. wow..it must be the different area. still today, it directs me here, and if i type in the http address it comes up with a message about “the site being closed, and if it is in error to please contact the owner”

  2. yes thoughts.com is now offline, it is being redirected here to Thinkr. I did my best to give everyone plenty of time to prepare for the move and I’m happy to see so many of you here already. thanks for keeping the community alive!

  3. I like that it redirects here.
    The end of a lovely era where many a friendship was forged
    and many more learned to blog in the gentle acceptance of the site.
    This now we can make an accepting and loving site for all to bog.

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