Well. Ben, I do hope we can keep it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

While the patriotic congress members present real factual evidence that a narcissistic authoritarian President of the United States was instrumental, even though not an actual participant, in the attempt to overthrow the government of the United States, 40 or so GOP senators are more worried about what ‘John Smith’ back home will think of him if he decides that this is not the type of leadership he prefers, so be it, acquit and forget. Until he or another narcissist does it again.

 I won’t even mention the fact that last year he didn’t want to alarm the people. So he down played the coronavirus, and thus probably let thousands die to alert us to the pandemic. What a leader!

Well, I personally do not want any one in the government of my country, especially the at the top echelons , to condone these type of actions, and I would hope that the ‘John Smiths’ of the country don’t want that type of leadership either.

“In America, Schell wrote, we are not allowed the luxury of seeking out the truth about high crimes and misdemeanors and then simply ignoring what is discovered. “In a democracy,” he observed, “certain forms of truth do more than compel our minds’ assent; they compel us to act.” —  Johnatan Schell


“Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after.”  —  Johnathan Swift

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2 thoughts on “Well. Ben, I do hope we can keep it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

  1. Growing up in the 70’s, we were able to leave our vehicle un-locked, as well as our home. Today you need state of the art security systems, and even that is not full proof. The leadership of this great country have not been doing anything but making things worse. They talk a good talk of making improvements, they fail terribly in they’re actions.

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