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Google Web Stories

I’m super excited to announce is now officially live with the new “stories” feature by Google that allows you to create story style posts on thoughts.

Story posts are visual ways to tell stories that brings together photos, VIDEOS, title, descriptions & caption texts to deliver and engaging story telling experience for the thoughts reader on mobile devices.

Visit the “Web Stories” page to see any visual story posts created on

How To Create a Visual Story Post

Time needed:ย 5 minutes.

How to create a story on

  1. Click the [+ New] button

    When you click on the +New button you’ll see a drop down menu of different types of posts. You want to select the “Story” post.

  2. Create a compelling story title

    Writing an interesting title is a great way to get more people reading and viewing your stories on and shares across the open web.

  3. Aim to be concise yet brief.

    When telling stories they’re a fast paced way to tell a story in a visually compelling way.

  4. Think VIDEO!

    Statistics show that videos are the most engaging form of any content. Use brief video clips in your thoughts stories.

I hope that everyone will take some time exploring this new feature and experimenting with creating new and different types of your own story posts.

I’m SUPER EXCITED about this stories feature!

Google just released this Google Web Stories feature for WordPress so is on the cutting edge of technology releasing these open web stores on our website.

Google is now incorporating these “web stories” into their mobile search engine so its also an excellent way to reach more readers through your thoughts blog site.

If you have any questions or suggestions about stories please let me know about your ideas.

Thanks and one love to all!


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