We had a discussion about it……………

Look at this little rascal. She knows all she has to do is roll over and look cute and she will end up getting whatever she wants. She is quite the little con artist but is so cute doing it, who could resist? Not me, that’s for sure.

However, knowing how to pay her cards and get us to be on her side, she shows that she is a very smart cat, and has always been so. We met sometime around April back in 2005. My partner, Roy and I had seven cats, I think it was at the time. Or maybe we only had six and one of the original ones had died, but nonetheless, we had enough cats, or so we told ourselves….that is until this fine and elegant lady came on the scene.

I opened the door, to either leave to go to work or just to go to check the mail, I am not sure which. I saw this cat, the one in the picture. She was staring intensely at me. I had heard kittens crying under the house so I knew she had kittens and that they were too young to wean If they were old enough, I reasoned, why weren’t they out in the yard?!

So we proceeded to have a conversation. It went something like this:

Hi, Miss Cat, what are you doing out here?

meow, meow,….meow meow.

What’s that, are you saying you want to move into the house?

Meow, meow…meow meow….meow. (yeah, she has always been a long winded talker)

Ok, now, you have kittens under the house. Yes, don’t shake your head at me, I know you do, I hear them whining. Now, listen, you can NOT come in the house until those kittens are weaned. Before I will even consider bringing you into the house, you have to bring them out from under the house. I am NOT going to have those babies starve under the house just to let you come in where it is more comfortable.


Well, I didn’t know exactly that what meant. But about four days later, all four of the little kittens were running around in the yard. So, I knew she really did want to come in the house and had understood and fulfilled her end of the bargain. So, I called an animal rescue service, they took her to get her shots and be neutered. After that was done, they brought her back to me, and took the kittens to find homes for them.

She moved in and has lived with me non-stop for 15 years, including a move from Tennessee to New Orleans. Like me she was a Tennessee and we have gone Louisianan together. She is great company for me and makes sure I do what I am supposed to (ok so most of it has something to do with feeding her but still) do.

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  1. Animals truly are amazing and really are our Soul Mates.
    I am so happy to know I am not the only one having these long conversations with our cat’s. They have so much to say sometimes.

    I was just thinking about my cat when you mentioned kittens. Clove….when she hears kittens on commercials she runs around looking for them. It’s almost like it’s her natural motherly instinct. And since she was fixed at 10-12 weeks…..she will never give birth. I know it’s best we get these cats fixed but in those rare moments…..I question. But I know….I know….I KNOW ok? sheeeeesh…..enough.
    Yeah….thats how my conversations with myself go sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I have noticed something, I think, but maybe that is just how bran works. I think there is a difference between a cat that has had kittens and ones that haven’t. wait a sec, let me clarify.

      I have had 3 female cat that had never had kittens, they were “fixed” when just kittens. They loved me, or seemed to, but it was a very equal kind of thing. The two cats that I have had that were allowed to have kittens, one because the person I got her from LIED and said she was fixed, the other before she came to live with me, both were motherly.

      One continued to “mother” her adult children the rest of her life, as well as telling me what to do in that oh not so quit way they do. This one just simply tells me what I am supposed to, and sees it as her job to wash, proceeds to lick and even lick my hair.

      1. I am sure there has to be book about cat personalities out there that would explain this to us.
        Clove will sit behind me on the couch and start to clean my hair….and soon she starts chewing on my hair and gets aggressive. Almost like she doesn’t know how to be completely caring. Everything turns into a game or toy for her. Like she will start to clean Chubs head…..and out of the blue she bites down on his ear…he hisses and she runs away.
        I don’t know….we must sound like a couple of nuts trying to figure our cats out.

        1. A lot of cats tend to get aggressive like that, but if you notice two cats together, most of the time that is the way they are with each other. I think I told you about my two male cats that had to be segregated from the rest of the cat population because they just couldn’t get along. I heard the baby screaming bloody murder one night while I was on the computer.

          I forced Leo to leave the “baby” alone, he stopped, and the kitten ran back and jumped on Leo and started the whole up again. So, I told Munchie (the baby) that I saw though it now, and he yell all he wanted to, I wasn’t going to intervene for him. ๐Ÿ™‚ He was just screaming because he was losing the fight he started.

          By the way, I am noticing that every response I get from you shows up twice with slightly different words on each of the two notifications. Is that how it always works?

            1. Maybe, but it almost looks like two different kinds of comments. But come to think of it, one of them mentions “update” so maybe so. It doesn’t really matter, I can just check each one to make sure before erasing.

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