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And it’s coughing

And it’s aching

And it’s breathing

And it’s taking

Everything from me

My dear.

And theres nothing I can do

And I’m bound to do anything

And everything I can

To help you

But I cant.

All I….we can do

Is love you

And get you the things you need

while you struggle


Wanting only trampolines and animals

Oh my dearies,

Oh my little ones,

How cruel, this world it is

And how steep the mountain I’ve left for you

Im so sorry, so sorry.

And as you wheeze your way through the night

know it my dears, my heart rips with every breath.

the virus has struck my house and as…reclusive as I am I feel the need to just type some words out

about my 3 little ones, who are so wonderful and loving, and who are, among with their entire generation

feeling the real brunt of this force.

the eldest, 5, wrote me a letter today:

“daddy, why are we so separate,

day by day

night by night”

I asked her what it meant, maybe she was feeling left out.

And like a hammer she answered.

“why cant play close to my friends?”

If you know any child, you know that their language

is hugs, and highfives, and tickles, and embrace

and there’s nothing else

and while she coughing and shivering and gagging

when she asks if she can play her friends tomorrow

what the fuck am i supposed to say?

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