Virgin Space

As I sit down to write my first page of blog I sit and stare. At this blank white space which is staring right back at me.

We do this staring at each other back and forth. The cursor keeps blinking, as though daring me. Can I , do I ,take up this dare? It is somewhat like the staring game back in 1962 between the then President of the US JFK and Nikita Khrushchev of the mighty USSR over the Cuban Missile crisis. Finally Kennedy had won the game, Khrushchev had been the first to blink and look away. And thus save the world from nuclear annihilation.

I decide the matter. I take up my finger and put in the thought in my mind. And hey! I surprise myself. The first sentence spills out. then the next and then another. And very soon I have already begun. It’s good feeling. The virgin space had looked away first as I laid my hand on her.

Way to go I thought. Just the way it used to work with a real live, flesh and blood virgin back then in my wild and wicked days. Now the rest should follow.

But let me stop here and see what comes next. Maybe the next time I open my page I shan’t be so stymied.

3 thoughts on “Virgin Space”

      1. Hi Mihir, and welcome to Thoughts. It’s not too complicated once you get the swing of things. However, if you find yourself stuck on something you can’t resolve, send me a PM or post a question – whichever you prefer. We/I/ am here to help should you need it.

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