So I’ve been in a battle with my friend Vertigo for the last week. HORRIBLE!!!

Ive been sitting up most of the time because to try and lay down would trigger the spinning. I had my pillows staked so high to get a few hours of sleep at a time. I was not in the mood to talk to anyone so its been audiobooks and tv shows.

Do you know….it’s impossible for anyone to keep up with all of the new and old tv shows? I have hundreds of channels and I discovered so many new shows while I was down and out. There is a network called Outside that has the most amazing shows about life outside. Hiking….traveling on foot and bike….living on a boat…..I guess it could be a channel for dreamers. We have every pay channel you can imagine and I never watch them. The only reason we have them is because its a package deal that comes with extremely fast internet. My son is a gamer so speed is important for him. And since he pays for it…..I can’t really complain about all these wasted channels. But not only do you have your cable provided networks….you have shows on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Apple….and we have all of those and some also. So one day I went through and clicked record on all the shows I had an interest in and went to the other channels to start watching other shows I had an interest in. My DVR is almost full and there is no way I can watch all those ….and I am retired. I couldn’t imagine all these shows when I worked. I don’t think you would have much of a social life if you watched so much tv. With so many shows out there…..the average person can’t keep up…so how can shows get nominated for awards fairly? You don’t have to answer….I am just typing what is flying through my head. Anywho….

My favorite shows during the Vertigo bout were the old cooking shows on Create Tv which is a PBS station. These two ladies are so fun to watch..

I for some odd reason watched a lot of old television on “This” and “Antenna Tv” networks. Shows like the Avengers, the Saint, Father Knows Best. Yes….I can be nerdy. And it gets nerdier….I love the Hallmark Channels so I watched the Autumn Movies and Holiday movies and old episodes of Hart to Hart. Jennifer Hart was so pretty and classy.

Oh…cant forget Carival Row on Amazon Prime. I watched 3 episodes and love this show. I hope to finish the 8 episodes some day soon.

Ok….its getting late ….3am! ha! I actually started writing this 3 hours ago but kept getting distracted. I guess I should have posted this in the Forums under TV and Movies. But I don’t think I want to chance copy and pasting this elsewhere. I am not that savvy. Besides…theres only maybe 7 regulars here….I am sure you don’t mind 😉 I have more shows to share but I need to get back on some kind of sleeping schedule now that my world stopped spinning.

Hope everyone is well…….

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  1. Sorry to read about your “Hitchcock Syndrome,” I had something similar called Tinnitus when I was younger which is ringing in the ears. That makes you dizzy when you stand up and the only relief to be had is to lie down – it’s something to do with the inner ear getting clogged up and playing havoc with your balance.
    Subscribing to TV channels is something I’ve always steered away from because of the expense and the fact that, with all the channels that come with a package, you can only ever watch ONE at any given time and after that you spend the rest of your life trying to catch up on shows you missed. . .what a life!
    However. There has been one show which came on the Paramount Network (Freeview channel in the UK) I had not seen before called “House.” Our very own Hugh Laurie played the lead role and, for a show that ended some 6 years ago I found it very entertaining.
    And that’s the thing with cable TV and the like, when you surf the channels you never know what you might come across as your fingers manipulate the remote control.

    1. @jules60
      Hitchcock syndrome? Thats what it’s called over there? Interesting. So you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. After my second accident I did get bouts of Tinnitus but I have had Vertigo for years. I remember my first episode of Vertigo kept me out of work for a few weeks. I get motion sickness easily so I was so sick and like you I couldn’t get up.. My Dr. at the time said it was stress related and she felt it was work stress. I shot her down because there was absolutely no way it could have been my work. I knew my job like the back of my hand. So when I was able to go back to work on my first day back I was sitting in the office and my boss walked in and started talking and the room started to spin. IT WAS MY BOSS who triggered my Vertigo. I knew at the time her work ethics were EXTREMELY questionable. She was eventually terminated and it was a few years before I had another bout of it. My Dr. taught me how to try and manage the episodes. It helped but once in a blue moon….I can’t control it. But I also learned Meniere’s disease runs in my family. And I am sure it is what I have because I have lost hearing a few times in one ear and it came back once my bout is over. I also know I have to go in to the specialist if the episodes get worst but that also worries me because I know they sometimes take away Drivers License if they can’t get it under control. At the moment I don’t want surgery in my ear and my episodes are still few and far between.
      ANYHOW…….”House” is one show I never watched. It won awards here so I know it had to be good. You really have to pick and choose what shows you want to invest your time in because if you get hooked its easy to binge watch anything.

      1. Actually, we over here call it the same as you do: Vertigo.
        I was making a cunning (or not) reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Vertigo” . . .hence Hitchcock Syndrome.

  2. I’d fail a field sobriety test,,, standing on one leg anytime I tend to fall over. Getting older sucks. Brain says you can put your socks on standing up,,, bed says good thing I;m here to stop your falling sideways. sorry you get stricken with vertigo. Nothing funny about that.

    1. @smitty45
      ME TOO! I would fail a the field sobriety test anyday.I can’t walk straight when there are no cracks in the pavement for me to follow. When I was working I was lucky that for the most part in the back hallways there was always lines in the carpet or tiles that kept me walking straight. But I told everyone who watched the cameras about my Vertigo so if they saw me zig zagging…they didn’t question it.

  3. Sorry to hear about your vertigo. A co-worker has it so I understand what your going through to a degree. What I can’t understand is TV. I gave up on it except for some college football (Go Clemson!). Hope you get over the vertigo soon!

    1. @brokenarrow
      YES….tv is insane. But I found some good in these hundred channels. I was thankful to have these channels in my down time.
      Vertigo is gone…but I almost triggered it again when I went to the movies yesterday, I saw Maleficent 2 in IMAX. Obviously I wasn’t thinking…..I had to close my eyes for some scenes. Movie was great though.

      1. Well, the main thing is, you seem to be mostly over this bout. And that’s a good thing. I can’t really think of any movies I want to see right now…I know. I’m just kinda boring.

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