UPDATE: The Bees moved in.

I know I am a gracious host but COME ON!

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Bees moved in.”

  1. Make them pay their rent in honey-money!

    By the look of it their hive is now well established. I can see the tell-tale hexagonal shapes which is demonstrative of just how busy they have been, and if anyone was ever in any doubt as to what “busy as a bee” meant, they need only to look at the picture.

    I wonder what attracted them to your house in the first place?

    1. What attracted them to my house? COME ON JULES. I am so close to being Mother Earth herself 😉

      If it were not for my super duper unattainable standards of humans…..I think I could’ve been a contender as Mother Earths sister at least. :star:

      The Bee keepers left here an hour ago. This team works later when the bees are calm. But the bees got a bit worked up and were not cooperating according to the manual. But they were able to get the queen in the box with the cones…..so they left the box on top of a ladder underneath the spot. They are going to come back tomorrow night to pick up the box in hopes all the bees find their way into it.
      They are worried about bringing the bees through the house….I told them they could tie a rope to the box and lower it off the balcony. That balcony is pretty high off the ground so that is concerning them. So they are going to bring a long rope tomorrow and we shall see what works. I am just happy the bee keepers are all about keeping the hive together and ALIVE.

      As for that honey…..I really REALLY was hoping I could get some. But apparently the cones at the moment are holding baby bees.

        1. Perfect Song for the day.
          Funny too because when I waked upstairs earlier today I could hear the hive so I thought….but there was one bee inside at the window trying to get out. One little bee had so much power to cause such a loud buzz in the air. I grabbed a cup and paper and scooped him up and tossed him out.

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